Two factor authentication (2FA) – Not perfect but it keeps you safe

Passwords are used for just about everything today, from your phone, to internet banking, your computer and email account. Now lets face it, some people do use the same password and even something basic such as an address or birthrate, even through is is warned against doing so.

Having a poor password is just like placing a small padlock on your door. Yes this will deter most, however it can be broken fairly easily.

Basic passwords can be easily breached. Sometimes we may not even know that the breach has occurred and it can even be months until we find out.

Our customers in the past have received threatening emails containing their password. This email tried to exploit blackmail money. essentially this email is a bluff. Your password may have been leaked from a public database, and as many people use the same passwords they were tricked into thinking that their computer has been breached.

Another reason to make sure your PC and MAC are kept up to date with the most recent patches.

The general solution to these password breaches many services have turned to is two factor authentication (2FA).

What 2FA does is ask the user to provide another level of authentication and not only a password. This can be in the form of a text or email message and will contain a code which will expire after a certain time.

Although 2FA will help keep you secure, keep in mind that if somebody is good enough and determined enough, you can still be breached. Of course, high profile people such as celebrities are generally targeted. So for the general public, 2FA will keep most people safe.