Remote IT Support

We offer secure and reliable IT troubleshooting using a rage of powerful support tools. Our Remote IT service can also assist your IT team and fill in gaps wherever needed. We strive to deliver the best service possible, no matter how big or extensive your IT consulting needs may be. We provide reliable, quality IT services, with a quick turnaround.

Request a call back from an IT Systems Engineer

Request a call back from an IT Systems Engineer

We will get in touch with you within 60mins during business hours.


We offer a Remote Computer Support service for any IT issues. Our team of expert Technicians will instruct you on how to enable a remote session, so that we can quickly get working on your issue and have your technology working in no time.

Your privacy is important, and we respect that. Our technicians will never access any part of your computer without your permission or make any changes without letting you know what’s happening. You are always free to terminate a session if you do not feel comfortable. Intersoul Solutions takes pride in having a reliable and trustworthy reputation, being able to provide remote business support across Australia.


We connect to your computer from another location, across the internet. This enables us to respond to call outs very quickly, and in most cases within the hour.

Using Remote IT Support tools, we can establish a secure connection directly to your home or office computer. From here, we can diagnose your issues immediately saving time on travel, which in Sydney can take exceptionally long.

We will not be able to connect to your computer without speaking with you first. Before we can access your computer remotely, you will need to grant us permission. This is usually in the form of a one time use code generated by the IT Support application. Once we have connected to your computer, we will be able to see your screen exactly as you do. You will then need to allow us to control the mouse and keyboard and you can watch as we work.

You can put your mind as ease knowing we are working on your issue. You are able to see exactly what we are doing, and we will talk you though the changes and processes step by step by. Once you disconnect from the support session we will also lose connection. We won’t be able to reconnect until you provide us with a new, one time use code.


We have Remote IT Support blocks available to those in need of help desk support. Even with a pay as you go IT support plan, you will have full help desk access, and also be issued with a customer portal login. With access to the portal, you will be able to log, update, reply to, and track IT Support requests.



We provide ad hoc remote IT support services in 15 minute sessions. This will give us enough time to diagnose, and in many cases resolve your issue. Should there be a requirement to replace a faulty piece of hardware, we will arrange for a technician to come to you with the required part. Technicians and replacement parts are usually deployed on the following business day (subject to availability).