Company Profile

Focused, Passionate
& Innovative

3 words that best describe
our approach and our team.

Intersoul Solutions is a provider of Information Technology and consultancy services to the public and private sector.

Our team consists of highly skilled personnel who have diverse experience in various areas of Information Technology. We possess strong technical and analytical skills, high intellect, sound work ethics, integrity, confidence, decision making abilities and the drive to excel whether it is at the management level or at a technology/software development position.

From the collaborative experience of our team members, we are able to deliver strong high quality scalable business solutions by comprehending our clients’ needs and requirements

Committed to Providing Substantive Business Value.

Intersoul Solutions is committed to providing substantive business value with all services engaged. We achieve this through a combination of expert Industry-Specific business analysis, strong technical skills, sound project management methods and traditional values.

We strive to work in collaboration with our customers to be able to build high performance, customised systems, which are created based on the needs of the business. We have various Industry experience and qualifications across Information Technology. This allows us to compete at the leading edge using the latest technologies for the development and implementation of leading business solutions that work at an enterprise level.

Why we are the premier choice.

Experience & Intellect

Highly skilled professionals who possess expertise in diverse Business and Technology areas make up our team, providing world class service and solutions. We carefully select our technicians, adhere to proven methodologies, and provide superior client service. We become a true business partner in every project.

Our approach

Our approach to problem solving is second to none. With our proven method, a problem is separated into a 4 part process. 

  1. QUALIFICATION – Defining the problem or the goal.
  2. SOLUTION – There is a known solution or R&D is required for a solution.
  3. IMPLEMENTATION – Implementing the solution.
  4. QA – Confirming the solution is functioning as expected.

Commitment to quality

We believe in Quality service and our approach has been designed to provide the same. We listen carefully to our clients and provide space, time and materials according to agreement for the project. We are proud of our Technical and Creative capability and this emerges from taking time to get it right. Our Quality Assurance Department tests throughout the process to ensure that the project will be successful.

On time delivery

We invest the time up-front to clearly understand your needs and then manage projects to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget. This methodology expedites rapid successful implementation, limits uncertainty and keeps the customer always aware of development progress at our end.

Competitive pricing

We render services to our clients at a very competitive price. We offer pricing depending on the type of client engagement required. This can include fixed price based, time and effort based or a dedicated support team model.


Expertise, thorough knowledge and firsthand experience along with strong Industry specific research skills help us in analyzing, designing and implementing world class solutions.

Information Technology

Network and Security
Server and Infrastructure
Desktop and Mobility
IT Support and Consultancy
File Accessibility and Access Control
Data loss and Preventative Measures
IT Strategy and Business Continuity
Total Cost of Ownership

Core Skills

Network & Security

Configuration and maintenance of LAN, WAN and network architecture. Resolving security issues, such as viruses or hardware malfunction. Implementing virus detection systems. Recording system vulnerabilities. Generating security analysis reports. Implementing authentication and authorization protocols.

Server & Infrastructure

Reviewing current systems, providing change documentation and providing recommendations for improvements. Designing IT infrastructure solutions. Monitoring systems for optimum performance and availability. Implementation of system procedures and policies. Periodic disaster recovery testing and testing of policies and procedures. System backup and recovery management.

IT Support & Consultancy

Working with customers/employees to identify computer problems and advising on the solution. Logging and keeping records of queries. Analysing call logs so you can spot common trends and underlying problems. Working with clients/users to understand IT objectives or overcome problems.

Desktop & Mobility

Providing ongoing maintenance and future planning needs of the company’s desktop environment. Engaging vendors to evaluate new technology to implement into the IT environment. Monitoring the performance of the desktop infrastructure and providing suggestions to improve efficiency.