This is our story

It all started when our company was founded in 2014, after realising that Australians were not receiving the IT support they needed and deserved. Most of the time we found solutions were slapped together using old technology, and just struggled to work. Not feeling as though this was doing the industry justice, we set out to find a better way. Upon further research, we found that a lot of our competitors were charging premium dollar for a below average service. Some subcontract their work to inexperienced contractors, and some even sent their entire support department overseas.

We didn’t think this is what Australian IT support should be about.

Intersoul Solutions provides Australian IT support to Australians, so we understand what you need. We are all about making your IT experiences less frustrating and strive to have your technology working for you. Whether you are looking for an hourly onsite support rate, or an IT managed service, we can help with it all. Our team of technicians are trained in providing solutions based on your needs, not someone else’s. Having someone on board who understands you, allows for the right solutions to be implemented. We provide a custom solution based on your requirements, not just an off the shelf product.