Unlimited IT Helpdesk and Onsite Support.

Ultimate IT Support is designed to provide professional IT support for end-users as they need it. Users can lodge problems by calling direct, lodge problems online or via a shortcut on their desktop and gain instant access to our support team. Our remote desktop software provides a popular means in supporting many user issues.

We support servers, desktops, networking equipment and various applications under Support Level Agreements.

Our Ultimate IT Support package incorporates this useful feature and eliminates the need for users to filter support requests via senior management for approval. All support costs are included and this further reduces problem resolution times as user issues are promptly resolved.

Users no longer need to wait for engineers to attend onsite to resolve problems as instant support can be granted instantaneously. Remote support is particularly useful for organisations that have users dispersed in multiple locations, road warriors, home offices and remote satellite offices.

Our Helpdesk Service aligns with ITIL processes to ensure quality standards of work and consistent remediation of issues and problems. We further incorporate Vendor Management to allow us to be the single point of support for all your network issues; we identify, isolate and manage any third party vendors on our clients’ behalf. We back this with guaranteed Service Level Agreements to ensure timely response and problem resolution.

Unfortunately not all problems can be fixed via remote support so we also offer onsite support. Our Ultimate Managed Services package includes onsite IT support as standard. By fixing IT costs under these services, clients receive priority remote and onsite support services at no additional costs when problems do occur.

ITIL based Helpdesk

Helpdesk offers priority support, aligned with ITIL process. ITIL is set of industry guidelines that promote a number of important IT practices and mechanisms to ensure quality support and consistent support workflow in resolving problems.

Unlimited Remote Support

Ultimate IT advanced agent and Remote Support technology provides users with fast access to remote support and enables our Helpdesk support team to remote control a user’s computer if required. This service facilitates complete understanding of issues experienced and offers efficient problem resolution. Ultimate IT Support package includes Unlimited Remote Support for each desktop user.

Included Onsite Response

Onsite Response is included for equipment covered under Ultimate IT Support package, so there are no additional support charges for problems that need to be resolved onsite.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management includes escalation and management of issues that need assistance from and resolution by third party vendors. Examples of these include ISP’s, printer maintenance, hardware warranties and application vendors. Support issues concerning all Third Party Vendors can be registered with our helpdesk and the helpdesk team will follow up and resolve these issues. Our Helpdesk becomes the single point of contact for all IT incidents. We identify the problem, determine the relevant Third Parties involved and work with them to ensure prompt resolution of the problem.

Guaranteed Response Times and Service Level Agreements

Our Service Level Agreements (SLA) offer guaranteed response times and can be tailored to accommodate specific client needs and the level of service required.