Mac OS High Sierra: The new OS upgrade for your mac

macOS High Sierra is Apple’s latest major operating system upgrade. Although the features are mainly the same as Sierra, users will notice a few changes. These include an updated photo app, an upgraded Siri version and an updated Safari browser. With the latest safari browser, we can now see that auto play of videos is now disabled. This is something most users have probably been waiting for, finally we can browse in piece! Other changes to the OS which we can’t see is the security features and optimisation in the back-end. One major “unseen” OS change is the new File system, APFS. This is following suit with other apple devices such as iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

Although the upgrade is not essential for most users, some may be forced to upgrade when trying to install certain applications. One instance we found was with the new version of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. Some systems were required to upgrade to High Sierra before being able to complete the install. Upgrading your system to High Sierra will not wipe your Mac clean, you will find that all your applications and documents will remain just where you left them! It is however always recommended to backup your system regularly, and certainly before an OS update! High Sierra is available for download through the app store, or online via the apple website. If you’re not sure if this upgrade will run on your Mac, you can always check here before going ahead to see if your machine meets the requirements.