Google Wi-Fi

The new Google WiFi System is a whole other animal when it comes to the traditional home WiFi network. The days of having one device to broadcast your signal as far as possible is over! With the new Google WiFi system, multiple devices work together as one, connecting to each other to create a mesh. Think of this as a net that covers a certain area, adding additional devices extends your net, and in turn extending your WiFi signal. Keep in mind however, that these are wireless devices and can still be temperamental. Other signals and objects can still interfere with your connections i.e. mobile phones and concrete walls and so on.

These devices are designed to connect to each other wirelessly to create a single WiFi network, providing a net of connectivity. This allows your home to have multiple sources as opposed to the one. Some of the other products on the market may have compatibility issues when connecting to other branded devices, the solution is the Google WiFi. These devices can be added to one another, reinforcing your WiFi signal and connectivity each time.

If you have a look at where your router is located at the moment, you may find that it is in an area it probably doesn’t want to be. Think about how strong of a signal you get when right next to the device. Now try moving about 10 meters away, the difference should be obvious. These are limitations of a WiFi signal. With these Google WiFi devices, all the points are connected to each other, not only the router. This means that data can choose more than one route back to the device it needs i.e the router. Google also boasts about it’s “Network Assist technology” which they say ensures that Google WiFi points always choose the fastest route from your device to the internet. Ultimately this means more fun time for streaming things like Netflix, Chromecast, Apple TV and so on. Google also claims that one device alone will cover a 139 square meter home, and having three will cover 418 square meters. Wow!