Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support & Services


In the ever-growing complexity of the I.T world, sometimes even the best IT superstars can become overwhelmed. Today, all businesses rely on computers in some way or another. Business IT Support needs range from system maintenance, infrastructure support, website support services, even day to day BAU IT support. At any time, an issue can arise, and for many businesses having an in house IT team doesn’t seem like the most practical solution. Outsourcing your I.T through a service provider can have some benefits that you might not have thought about. Here are some of the benefits of Outsourcing your IT Support & Services.


You may not have thought about it much, but having an in-house team can actually become a substantial cost. Outsourcing your IT can save your business money and this fact is what surprises most people. As the workload in IT can be quiet variable, you can lower costs by calling on your provider when needed, and simply opting for a much smaller maintenance plan. This essentially means that you will be able to allocate a budget when projects are needed and keep your day-to-day IT costs low. Additionally, setting up complex IT infrastructure can prove to be very pricey once you take into account all of the hardware required. Outsourcing some of the system can help transform fixed costs into variable, giving you room to budget and maneuver where required. So, if you are only paying for what you use, add that to the cost of maintenance and all of a sudden outsourcing seems like a good option. We would like to mention that there can be issues with using overseas companies for your outsourcing needs, so if you are considering this, be sure to keep it local.


Your IT service provider will generally be more experienced that your small in-house IT team. This is due to the fact that your provider will have access to more resources, and be able to service your business more efficiently. This in turn means that if your IT is running smoothly your business will also run more efficiently. When engaging with an IT provider, be sure to talk to them about how your tasks can be automated or if there are better ways to do things. The experts may know a thing or two that you do not. In terms of equipment, a service provider will offer you maintenance agreements. This means that your equipment will also stay updated, and upgraded when required. Having the latest technology means that you will remain competitive among your business peers.


Everyone is business, whether it be a business owner or manager would feel as though there aren’t enough hours in a day. The becomes especially clear when IT issues are being injected ahead of your core business tasks. Not only does this cause unnecessary stress, but it also limits the potential of the business and decreases efficiency. Outsourcing allows your employees to remain focused on what they do best.


What would you do if your IT system fell over? This would be a tremendous risk, especially with all the data housed in your business. Not to mention all of the regulations and compliance involved in an IT system. Having an IT service provider means that they will assume most of this risk. Having experts with industry specific knowledge, especially around security and compliance, means that your provider can help recognise and avoid inherent risks.